Orthotropic design for long life – Fix it as surface or pit mounted
The cost of a weighbridge is a critical issue for today’s customer. The VTS202 is designed to optimize the state of the art orthotropic design to fulfill two important goals; to accurately weigh on-the-road trucks under medium to heavy traffic conditions and to reduce your long-term service and maintenance costs. The VTS302 is designed where typical on-the-road trucks may be frequently overloaded.

Weighbridges are with state of the art PDX power load Cells
Moving bulk goods or raw materials into or out of a processing facility effectively is critical to plant productivity. As a result, unplanned truck scale downtime can seriously impact the total product output of a processing plant and threaten profit margins. The crucial reason a truck scale must perform is simple: Ever y minute a scale weighs inaccurately – or not at all – costs money. Without correct amounts of incoming materials, critical processes are put on hold. Additionally, in-plant productivity y gains can be nullified if goods are waiting to be shipped out. Because conventional scale systems cannot alert operators to the above issues or compensate for their influence, they can continue to produce undetected weighing errors. In fact, the errors can of ten exceed the limits established for certified legal-for-trade applications. The more vehicles that are weighed, the more the losses add up. Innovative technology using PDX load cells can provide the first-line defense against costly weighing errors.

Heavy-duty y, corrosion-resistant stainless steel helps resist damage in abusive or corrosive environments. Critical weighing electronics are now being protected like never before within hermetically sealed, IP68/IP69K water tight systems. A fully welded enclosure and water tight connectors can ensure that flooding will not impact a company’s maintenance budget. Please review the following resources for additional information on vehicle scale solutions. For more info about METTLER TOLEDO POWERCELL


A vehicle scale is a significant capital investment and its dependability is critical to maintaining productivity. METTLER TOLEDO ensures the operational readiness of your scale with cost-effective, factory-specified scale maintenance.

Your Benefits:

  • Prevention of weighing errors due to buildup of dirt and debris
  • Proper adjustment and mechanical integrity of scale components
  • Assurance of vehicle and operator safety
  • Stable operation with proper grounding and lightning protection
  • Higher return on investment through increased scale life and productivity
  • Recertification of your scale in accordance with local regulations


    Enhancing accuracy and uptime microprocessing within load cell
    As the valued owner of a METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scale, we would like to tell you about a unique opportunity to enhance the performance of your existing scale(s). POWERCELL® PDX® load cell systems can now be fitted to existing scales through a simple upgrade procedure.

    Why should you upgrade my existing scale?

  • Improved reliability
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Simplified network with no junction boxes
  • Advanced protection from lightning and water damage
  • Extends the life of the scale
  • Cost-effective, with special loyalty pricing for existing customers
  • What types of scales can be upgraded?

  • Any existing vehicle scale
  • Many other makes and models of scales (contact us for more information)


    Benefits of an Unattended Weighing System

  • Avoid Need for weighing attendant- personnel cost reduction
  • Avoid need for building near the scale- reduce construction and operating costs
  • Improve data accuracy- use preprogrammed information on proximity cards
  • Improve facility security- Intergrated facility access gates into weighing system
  • Faster weighing throughput- transaction is completed without driver leaving the cab
  • 24 Hour per day Operation- greater facility operational flexibility


    The decisions that are made now regarding your rail scale installation will continue to influence the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations for many years to come. As with many projects there are many elements that need to be considered.

    Features and Benefits

  • 50t POWERCELL®PDX®Load Cells - Stainless steel load cells provide highest accuracy and reliability (IP68/IP69K).
  • POWERCELL PDX Network - Eliminates junction boxes and monitors network health.
  • StrikeShield™ Lightning Protection - Protects your system from lightning damage.
  • International Intergard® Finish - Protects steel against corrosion even in the harshest environments.
  • Modular I Beam Design - Robust and reliable design provides a long service life.
  • Anti-Creep Brackets - Maintains weighing accuracy by preventing rails from moving.


    Low profile pit or surface mounted modular design

    LD/HD is built with reliability for performance and reliability for harsh operating environments. Robust I beams design with dimensions from 6m x 3m to 21m x 3m in capacities of 30, 000 to 150, 000kg or custom length or capacity.

  • Low profile deck – only 400 mm high.
  • Automatically welded – sandwich welded with heavy bottom plates.
  • Sand blasted and painted.
  • Durable paint finish that protects corrosion and contamination that can shorten the life of the steel modules.
  • Cables are routed through steel conduit to protect cable damages while cleaning debris and from rodents.
  • Guide rails as options
  • Optional steel ramps
  • Optional galvanized version
  • Heavy duty I beam construction
  • Easy to transport, install, dismantle and reinstall

  • The modern performance of POWERCELL® PDX® systems helps businesses operate more efficiently, while reducing maintenance costs. See what this could mean for your business, request a quote today.