About Us

Qatar Scales has developed as one of the leading weighing scales operators in Qatar serving different type of customers in the many categories namely Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Agricultural, Petroleum Industries, Research Institutions, Universities, Hospitals and Medical Clinics.

We dedicate ourselves in satisfying our customers by offering specialized weighing equipment, as well as installing, operating and training end users. Understanding the past but shaped by the future. We always look at opportunities and challenges from a visionary point of view and consider from the outset our client’s goals. Our sole ambition is to help maximize their potential. Together with the well know market leaders and customer we sure will succeed in our ambitious. We are always keen to support you and work hand-in-hand for common goals.

  • Industrial Weighing
  • Retail Weighing
  • Weighbridges for truck, dumpers, railway & axle weighing
  • Un manned weighing
  • Silo and tank weighing
  • Overhead track scales
  • Bench and platform scales
  • Heavy crane scales
  • Wireless weighing

  • Clients