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Once your scale is installed, operational and certified for use, you may be ready to consider your scale project a success. However, taking the time to develop a scheduled maintenance program while the scale is still new can keep it performing optimally and increase its longevity. This is also the perfect time to utilize the expertise of your scale supplier to discuss plans for service and repairs to your scale – both planned and unplanned. It pays to think about how you will handle service and repairs before you actually need them.

If your scale is down unexpectedly, your business could be losing money with every hour that you wait for repairs. Ideally, you want a service provider with the right tools, equipment, knowledge, and replacement parts to fix a problem in a single visit.

We are a “Service oriented Company” successfully operating in all major market segments

Service – The Key Word for Customers Satisfaction with Qatar Scales expert services we offer a range of knowledge-based services to help customers in a wide variety of industries grow, increase productivity, improve product quality, minimize investments and achieve sustainable success. Our services include:

Calibration Services:

Industrial retail scales and weighbridge calibration.
Also offering batching & asphalt plant calibration.
Covering many measurements scopes like weighing, volume and particle count.


We make sure that the products and solutions are delivered and installed as they should be, within customer's requirement.

Repair and maintenance:

Will be attended by our qualified service team.

Service contracts:

Adapted to each customers need to meet their requirements and needs.


We can offer consultation service for specific fields that are parts of our expertise.